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How We Help

At our consulting firm, we understand that each business has their own specific needs and goals. That's why our services, including project management, getting back on track, teaming up with you, ensuring quality assurance, providing support for your desk, and offering training opportunities have been customized to fit your unique requirements. Let us help guide you along your digital journey with our tailored and expert assistance.

Project Management

Project Management

With our expert project management, SAP implementation becomes a smooth and successful process. We prioritize understanding your business goals and using a thorough approach to get your SAP up and running without any unexpected obstacles. This allows you to quickly start, build efficiently, and run with ease while constantly innovating in the cloud and beyond. Our method involves careful steps of Discovering, Preparing, Exploring, Realizing, Deploying, and Running to ensure a top-notch implementation for your enterprise.We works with a standardized work breakdown structure that helps project managers to define and manage project work in a deliverable-oriented, outcome-focused manner as:

  • Project management

  • Solution Design

  • Integration Preparation

  • Customer Team Enablement

  • Data Migration

  • Integration Setup

  • Solution Testing

  • Solution Adoption

  • Support Readiness

  • System Management

  • Custom Extensions Management

  • Cutover Management

Back on Track

No matter the challenges or roadblocks your organization may face, our team is here to help get you back on track. Studies show that SAP implementations often fall short of expectations, but with our years of experience, we can navigate any changes or obstacles that may arise. Whether it's shifting priorities or a team dropping the ball, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your desired outcome. So don't worry, you're not alone and we'll make sure your project stays on course.See below the steps we follow in our implementation strategy.

  • As-is to be Assessments

Our team performs a thorough As is To be Assessment of your project, documenting all system developments and potential issues. Through this process, our main goal is to achieve the optimal solution for your business needs. We use our first project experience to guide us in making the most effective decisions moving forward. In addition, we will schedule meetings to discuss any new requests and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the system's capabilities and how it can benefit your business processes both now and in the future.

  • Gap Analysis

Our experienced consultants specialize in conducting comprehensive gap analysis reports, where we compare your current system's developments to your new or existing requirements. The main objective of this analysis is to identify the necessary action items for future stages of your project. With our expert guidance, you can ensure your project stays on track and meets all necessary criteria.

  • Recovery Plan

Our Recovery Plan focuses on transforming any areas that require improvement or fixing in your project. We prioritize responding to the needs of your business unit by utilizing the best strategies and approaches to make the most out of a previously unsuccessful project.

Team Up

SapbpcAnalytics is the perfect partner for companies in need of an experienced SAP team player to boost their projects. Our expert consultants bring years of experience and will help your organization get up and running quickly. With our extensive network and established SAP teams, we are able to provide top-notch candidates efficiently and at the level of quality you expect. With our industry experience and deep understanding of SAP, you can trust that we will team up to find suitable candidates for your project and continue supporting you throughout the process, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need without any disappointment.

Quality Assurance

Trust in SapBpcAnalytics Quality Assurance service to provide comprehensive solutions for all your project needs. Our expert team is equipped to assess ongoing or completed projects, ensuring they are fit for the future and meeting all requirements. Don't stress about a packed schedule next year - let us handle the details of what was built and how it was built. With our help, you can rest assured that your IT projects are of the highest quality. Our QA Services include 

  • With Project Watch QA Service, you can receive an honest and thorough review of any specific topic or project workstream. Our impartial analysis will provide valuable insights and help improve the overall quality of your project. Trust in our expertise to give you a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Our comprehensive Solution Design QA service is the ideal way to ensure that your application design not only meets your business needs, but also adheres to leading practices. We validate that all necessary goals, timelines, and milestones have been set and carefully assess the efficiency of solution gap handling and design. Our team also thoroughly evaluates the application design for completeness, flexibility, efficiency, and maintainability, while ensuring any potential integration issues have been taken into consideration. Choose our Solution Design QA service for peace of mind and a top-notch application design.

  • Our Health Check QA Service provides thorough reviews of completed projects to ensure that the application design meets the needs of our clients and follows leading practices. We assess the design for key factors such as completeness, flexibility, efficiency, and maintainability. Our team also evaluates if potential integration issues have been addressed in the application's development process. Trust us to provide a comprehensive assessment of your project's output and help you achieve your business goals.

Back on Track
Team Up
Quality Assurance

Support Service

Experience top-notch support services with SapBpcAnalytics. Our team is qualified and experienced in providing solutions for unexpected technical issues that may arise during projects. We also strive to stay ahead of the game by constantly updating our technological infrastructures to match any changes in industry rules. Plus, with our post-project internal support process, we incorporate any new needs or challenges that may come up after a project's completion into our existing services. Trust us to meticulously assess and fulfill all of your business's demands and change requirements. Our Services:

  • Second/Third Level Support

  • Acceptance, Processing & Monitoring Of Tickets

  • Scheduling & Monitoring Of Process Chains

  • System Analysis And Performance Optimisation

  • Creating Documentation

  • Carrying Out Functional And Technical Tests

Support Service

Traning Service

Our tailored training services are available for individuals or teams looking to enhance their understanding of our system. Our consultants can provide end-user and admin-user training during implementation and are available for dedicated training days as needed. Customize your team's training experience with "train the trainer" courses or specific sessions catered to your system needs. Whether you need a broad overview or focused training on specific features, our experts are here to help improve your team's skills.

Our comprehensive training services cover all your needs, including assessing your requirements, creating customized content and tools, and providing training from our expert module consultants. We also offer alternative methodologies for various audiences and types of training content. With our Ask Me Later service, you can choose between online or on-site training options and request an assessment as needed. We have you covered when it comes to meeting all your training needs.

Traning Service

For any queries about our services, or tailor made needs
please book a free consultation

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Why choose SapBpcAnalytics as an implementation partner?

All reporting, modelling, data integration, and design projects run smoothly with SapBpcAnalytics. With SapBpcAnalytics out-of-the-box solutions, you'll get the most value out of them. Every step of the project will be assisted by us, and we will succeed in reaching our goal.

You should choose us as your implementation partner for three reasons.

  1. Our project-based well-designed teams have been successful in implementing projects across many industries.

  2. We will reduce implementation duration down to 8 weeks by implementing our industry-focused best practice solutions.

  3. We will change the way you think about traditional project management methodologies.

By paying attention to details, we are able to understand the business requirements better, make stronger connections with the other models, and provide future-proof designs.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, but there's only one way to deliver the simplest solution. It takes some creativity, a little risk-taking and some pushes to find it.

We're well-prepared, and we'll be there to accelerate your process. We don't like meetings where we discuss what to do. Meetings are for making decisions, and those decisions are based on well-prepared options.

In terms of functional and technical aspects, our consultants are experienced and trained in handling the most complex business scenarios.

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